No Closet Doors

I looked you up.

Out of curiosity

I wanted to see how you were doing

What you were up to

I saw you happy

Giving others all that I used to beg for

All the things you used to tell me was too much for you

I read the comments

The happy wishes

Although despondent, I smiled

You were happy

And then I saw what I feared

I saw a picture of you picking up another man

Smiling, in the air

I froze

I stared

Tears streamed down my face

All I could think was

Is this the reason why you couldn’t love me

Was my love not good enough for you

I should not have looked

Progress turns to regression

Nights lose sleep

Deep down I knew

But scared to acknowledge it openly

But you have

And I am the last to find out



Lady InspiHer