Work It!


Corporate America is not the easiest thing to maneuver. I transitioned to the corporate world a few years ago and at first I absolutely loved it. I remember thinking this is such an easy gig. Like who can complain about this? No physical labor, all weekends and holidays and then some off, work from home benefits, I mean who would ever think this is horrible? Right? Well, while the benefits are amazing but the politics are out of this world. I never realized how good I had it before corporate America. I have seen crazy backstabbing, co-workers posing as friends just to run to your boss and create chaos. I have experienced discrimination, sexual harassment, passed up on a promotion because of my ethnicity and so much more!

While, those experiences have been less than desirable, it has taught me a lot of lessons that I will take with me everywhere I go. There are mistakes that I will never make again. Now, I will say there are always exceptions to the lessons I am about to list, for the most part they should away be a staple in surviving the cold, cold world of working for a corporation.

  1. Stop talking – talking too much can be a major downfall and you can literally talk yourself out of a promotion or get yourself in trouble with your boss.
  2. Your co-workers are just that. Do not go to work to make friends. They are NOT your friends and at the end of the day they will always look out for themselves. (This is one of the exceptions, I have made GREAT friends at the workplace, but what I realized that the connections that I made were rare and I have been chasing that and failed)
  3. Never reveal everything you know. – Everyone is protecting himself or herself in this cutthroat world, save something for you. Your sanity will thank you for it.
  4. Be humble. – Seriously, you are at work. You are not from da block and you are not a socialite. You are an employee getting paid to do a job and do it well, so be kind, be humble. Being humble and kind will take you places that your experience and education can’t.
  5. Be diligent – Take pride in your work. Show up on time, and show up EARLY. Your work is a reflection of you, so make sure you put pride in your job. That is how you get promoted and stay employed.


There will always be exceptions to the rule when it comes to the workplace, but I can attest that following these basic rules, you will go far and be successful.

viola davis work

As ladies, we must always remember to empower each other. We must not drag each other down; we must lift each other up. One of the biggest things I have noticed in the workplace is lack of sisterhood. Women are extremely catty and it is not becoming of us at all. One of the main reasons why I started this blog is to empower women in all major aspects of our lives, especially the workplace. We have to do better.

Let’s do better in 2018. We can do this.



-Lady InspiHer

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